Churches Witnessing with Migrants 5

Stockholm May 11, 2014 - side event to UN Global Forum on Migration and Development

Churches Witnessing with Migrants 5 - Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden - May 11, 2014.

This was a side event to the UN's Global Forum on Migration and Development

Follow the blog above for details of:

  • - this year's CWWM5 conference in Stockholm
  • - Oct 2013 CWWM4 conference in NYC, across street from U.N.
  • - Oct 2013 International Assembly of Migrant Workers, NYC


Canada has just recently seen media-exposed abuse of its Temporary Foreign Worker's Program, which has denied Canadians jobs and abused the rights of foreign workers.

In conjunction with MigranteBC and BC Conference of The United Church of Canada, Stuart is attending this important side-event to monitor rights for foreign workers, who are ignored in the UN-initiated process.

Human Migration for Dummies:

Ok, here's the deal.  The United Nations set years 2000-2015 to deliver on a Migration and Development agenda.  What's happening now with the Global Forums of Migration and Development is need to come up with new terms of reference for after 2015.

Yet, the two dominant agendas in this UN conversation is remittances and commodifying (further) the people in these movements.  "Remittances" is how governments will get a "piece of the pie" on the money foreign workers send home.

What happens in the next two years is crucial for determining what the UN program is for 2015-2030.