Churches Witnessing with Migrants 5

Stockholm May 11, 2014 - side event to UN Global Forum on Migration and Development

Churches Witnessing With Migrants 7

Churches Witnessing With Migrants - Dec 6-8, 2016
International Assembly of Migrants & Refugees - Dec 9-10, 2016
Dhaka - Bangladesh
parallel forums to the 9th Global Forum on Migration and Development

Recalling our two central assertions in New York (2013) that: 

  • Migrants are human beings with dignity and worth who cannot be reduced to mere commodities traded and exchanged in the global market place.
  •  “Freedom of movement is a human right that allows people to forge human relations and found sustainable communities. Forced migration is a violation of human rights.” 

CWWM7 (2016/Dhaka) Documents:

As a delegate from The United Church of Canada, I attended the parallel forums - CWWM7 as well as the subsequent IAMR5 (International Assembly of Migrants & Refugees).


CWWM is an international organization of human rights groups, migrants' rights groups, and migrants themselves - in any definition of "migrant" there is.  The 21st Century has seen unprecedented movement across borders of economic, climate, marriage, and refugee-migrants; sometimes with disastrous results for the migrants themselves.

The GFMD is a U.N. sanctioned, high-level gathering of governments, business, recruiter and other stakeholders (so far without migrants themselves) to champion migration for development purposes.

To this it is only recently that the migrant voice is being heard:
"Don't talk about us, without us."
"We are only cheap labour and commodities"

In Istanbul in 2015, the CWWM6 for the first time garnered an invitation to the GFMD's parallel effort, the Civil Society Days (Google:

ENI LESTARI - address to General Assembly (Sept 2016) - (see YouTube video)

Also, in September 2016, Migrant worker advocate and CWWM7 & IAMR5 organizer Eni Lestari, an Indonesian migrant worker in Hong Kong, addressed the United Nations General Assembly on these issues.

Building on the voice of migrants rights' groups, migrants themselves and human rights groups such as The United Church of Canada - CWWM7 & IAMR5 met in December 2016.